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Alopecia is a general term for hair loss. Alopecia areata is a specific, common cause of hair loss that can occur at any age. It usually causes small, coin- sized, round patches of baldness on the scalp, although hair elsewhere such as the beard, eyebrows, eyelashes, body and limbs can be affected. Occasionally it can involve the whole scalp (alopecia totalis) or even the entire body and scalp (alopecia universalis). It is not possible to predict how much hair will be lost. Regrowth of hair in typical alopecia areata is usual over a period of months or sometimes years, but cannot be guaranteed. The hair sometimes regrows white, at least in the first instance. Further hair loss is not uncommon. In alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis, the likelihood of total regrowth is less.
Alopecia areata is not catching nor is it related to diet or vitamin deficiencies. Stress, particularly events such as bereavement, separation and accidents, occasionally appears to be a trigger for alopecia areata.
In The Hair Club Ireland we are dealing with this illness on a daily bases, we are more than happy to help and advise you in any every stage of Alopecia, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call 01-2608874 and book your free consultation!


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Most of the time when you look in the mirror…it’s all about your hair! Right? When your hair looks good, everything is right with the world. I think you know the feeling, but it doesn’t happen often enough… Let’s face it when a woman feels good about her hair she radiates beauty and confidence.
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…..Hair loss in women


In the words of Elizabeth Steel, hair loss is miserable enough for a man: a downright catastrophe for a woman. A survey by Hairline International, the baldness support group, found that 78% of its female members no longer felt like women, 40% said their marriage had suffered and 63% had considered suicide.

Women who lose their hair often worry that they are going bald like a man, and that their hormones are becoming masculinized. In fact, patchy baldness (alopecia areata) and total baldness (alopecia totalis and alopecia universalis) are unrelated to hormones and occur equally commonly in men and women.
Thinning hair after the menopause
Like men, most women develop widening partings and thinning of the hair all over the scalp with age; this is normal. It actually starts in the teens or early 20s, and by the age of 50 over half of all women have thinning hair. After the menopause, thinning of the hair is more pronounced. Hair can also become thin at the front, similar to the male pattern. This is because the hair follicles are responding in exactly the same way as in balding men to the testosterone in the blood. All women have testosterone; this is perfectly normal. The balding does not mean that the woman has more testosterone; it simply means that the hair follicles on her scalp are oversensitive, which is probably inherited. The hair will eventually not become any worse. There is no need to worry that you will become completely bald.
Hair loss and other symptoms
A few women develop male pattern baldness with other problems such as growth of hair on the face, lumpy acne, deepening of the voice and irregular periods. In rare cases, this can mean that too much testosterone is being produced by a tumor, so it is important to see your family doctor so that appropriate tests can be done.

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….hair club Donnybrook

If you are looking for hair replacement systems we have a solution to suit you.

Our range of hair replacement solutions go above and beyond mens wigs and toupees. With the help of the latest technology we can help you recover no matter what stage of hair loss you are at.

At the Hair Club in Donnybrook we offer bespoke solutions to hair loss. We know that everyone is different and deserves a tailored service in order to get the best results. With over 10 years in the industry we have come along way from the mens wigs of the past and have developed realistic hair replacement systems so you can step out with confidence. If you would like to find out more on our state of the art mens wigs and hair loss solutions contact our super confidential member of the team today. Call us on 01-2608874. Alternatively you can email us hazel@hairclub.ie

Guaranteed Style

We offer a superb styling service with all of our mens wigs and hair replacement systems. Unlike other online companies you are not left out on a limb with your hair replacement product.

We understand that hair loss can be a delicate matter and will do anything in our power to make the process stress free for our customers.

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‘Hair loss is a scary and frustrating symptom for parents, especially since you don’t really expect kids to lose their hair. Unfortunately, hair loss is a common symptom, even in kids. In many cases, the hair loss is temporary though, and the child’s hair does grow back. One of the classic causes of hair loss in children that many people think about is hair loss associated with childhood cancer. Although this can definitely cause hair loss, it is usually the cancer treatments, such as chemotherapy or radiation (anagen effluvium), that causes the hair loss and not the cancer itself. In Hair Club we take great care when it comes to providing real hair wigs for our very special little clients Our young child client’s are very particular when it comes to wearing a natural hair wig. A child is very honest in his or her feelings about what they feel looks or does not look natural on themselves. The child’s real hair wig must not only look natural, but the wig must feel natural for the child to feel comfortable wearing their custom real hair wig especially if they have hair loss from chemo or alopecia. Call us today to book your child FREE CONSULTATION on 01-2608874 or 0858728985, you can also email on hazel@hairclub.ie www.hairclub.ie’

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by ellen wille

With the 15 looks from her new Lifestyle Collection, we would like to meet the taste of every woman! The team around hair designer Ellen Wille has created modern trend-cuts for the collection, including trendy short cuts, fashionable bobs and seductive red-carpet looks. Discover the new styles & get more information from our Hair Club team on 01-2608874. http://www.hairclub.ie/

Hair Club Ireland’s photo.

Hair Club Ireland’s photo.

Hair Club Ireland’s photo.

*****NEW ARRIVAL*****

Feather Premium Collection

We are proud to introduce the brand new Feather Premier Collection that has revolutionised the wig industry with a new concept in cap construction.

For many years, women who have been through the stress of chemotherapy or a condition such as alopecia have had the added stress of being disappointed when searching for a suitable wig. Until now, wigs, whether cheap or expensive, all had the same problems: they were itchy, uncomfortable and restrictive.

This collection has been researched, designed and developed with the help of hair loss sufferers, nurses and specialists who have been able to provide a tremendous amount of input and feedback on the collection.

The Feather Premier Collection is focused on providing only the highest quality and extreme luxury for the wearer. All the Feather wigs provide extra security, a more natural appearance and increased comfort to ensure Feather is as light as a feather.

The styles and colours have been carefully selected to reflect modern, contemporary and classic hair designs in order for the wearer to feel completely comfortable.
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