Will my insurance pay for my wig

Wig insurance – Are you covered ?

When a client is first diagnosed with cancer they are usually given information or leaflets by the hospital medics on various places to buy a wig. This is normally from the hospitals approved list of hair companies. Then in all the confusion many clients don’t actually know that most insurance company’s will pay for their wigs during and after treatment. The actual amount you are entitled to claim for will depend on your insurance company , so we recommend  calling them first to establish your entitlements.


They may for instance say your insurance policy covers you for €1000 to purchase either human hair wigs or synthetic. You then have to ask them the question is this for one wig or can I spend this money over the course of the year on additional wigs and maybe a turban. Again every insurance company have different guidelines. Also many clients that have no medical insurance apply for a medical card after diagnoses as holders of the card can receive HSE Wig Grants for around €500. Call us today or visit The Hair Club we are open Monday To Saturday 10am 6pm

Your in safe hands

Welcome To The Hair Club

Dolores Mackenzie has been specialising in hair extensions for over 12 years. During this time she has traveled extensively to countries around the world to learn and develop her craft. This research has resulted in Ireland’s 1st purpose built wigs studio the Hair Club. Dolores started her career in the late sixties helping out as a young teenager in Hair Fashions which was a family run salon and wigs business based in Harcourt Street. Dolores explains ” This is where I got my initial passion for hair, so 10 years ago I launched Hairspray as I felt the time was right to start up my own place to specialise in Hair Extensions”.

Dolores Mackenzie“Then seven years ago my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer. We tried searching together for a place at the time in Dublin for advice and a suitable wig. Most of the companies we visited where old fashioned with a poor selection of expensive wigs. Thankfully my sister made a full recovery and i sourced her a suitable wig but this is when I began my research into Wigs and Hair Pieces.

I also felt there was a real need for a wigs studio that was both comfortable and refreshing to customers that required advice and the opportunity to pick or choose  any colour wig or style imaginable which I feel we have achieved at the Hair Club. Also many of our clients have thinning hair on top. I have personally developed some magnificent human hair pieces that will give your hair fullness and volume within minutes.  You can call me directly anytime on 085- 8672799 for advice  to arrange a private consultation. To get a real sense of the work we carry out watch our videos and TV pieces we have recently done http://www.hairclub.ie/hair-club-videos.html

Losing hair from Chemotherapy

There are very few things in life more challenging than hearing the news that either yourself or a family member have cancer.  Many clients that we see at The Hair Club have just been diagnosed with breast cancer and seek comfort and guidance about their treatment.  Obviously we can only advise on how your hair may be effected which we do through our free private consultation process at our D4 wigs studio. Not all clients will need chemotherapy as they have had an early diagnoses , therefore temporary hair loss will not occur. On the other hand clients undergoing Chemo need to best structure which option is most suitable for them regarding wigs or headware.

Ideally we advise our clients to call into our fashionable hair studio if possible before their treatment so we can find a suitable wig that looks and feels just like their own hair. The good news is stay as positive as you possibly can as the vast majority of clients make a full recovery and their hair grows back to normal. Please call 01-2608874 or visit http://www.hairclub.ie/chemo-wigs.html


Real Hair Wigs

At The Hair Club in Dublin 4 we have the largest selection of wigs anywhere in Ireland. You can choose from our extensive range of synthetic wigs or real hair wigs that are made from 100% human hair. In most cases we find clients with long term hair loss conditions like Alopecia or female pattern baldness  prefer human hair wigs. Then new clients that have temporary hair loss due to medical treatments like chemo generally prefer buying one or two high end synthetic wigs as there is very little maintenance required.

Prices start from €99 – €350 for natural synthetic. Human hair from €250 – €1000 depending on the length and quality of remy hair.

1112 blond human hair wig

Thinning Hair on Top for Woman

Thinning Hair on Top For Woman in crown area

In general most people associate hair loss or thinning hair only with men.  In reality female pattern baldness is far more common than you would imagine. This condition comes in many forms like thinning hair and visible small bald patches around the crown area. We find when speaking to most clients that they started seeing noticeable differences in their hair’s thickness level in their mid twenties. Thinning hair can be caused from a variety of reasons which include poor diet, recently having a baby or hereditary reasons. In this video you will see one of our clients Rosemary having a consultation about her thinning hair which is caused by the condition Androgenic alopecia. Watch how Rosemary carries out her own maintenance on her clip on hair piece.


There are a number of herbal products that work well but take time to start taking effect and these products do not work for everyone. At the Hair Club we have a full selection of human hair pieces that sit a fall naturally just like your own hair. All our hair pieces are made from 100% human hair which can be cut and styled exactly to your requirements. http://www.hairclub.ie/thinning-hair.html


Welcome To our Hair Club Blog

Wigs Ireland   

The Hair Club is Ireland’s first custom built wigs studio.
We opened in 2012 as part of the Hairspray Group to cater for women that have a wide variety of hair loss conditions.
Services include our famous hair salon for clients that have thinning hair, Alopecia, or female pattern baldness. We also specialise in human hair wigs for fashion and medical reasons. If you have any questions or require a consultation call 01-2608874 or visit www.Hairclub.ie

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